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Case Study: Rhythm Time

We spoke with Rhythm Time's Director, David Pearce, to discover how their collaboration with FranScape has revolutionised their operational landscape and enhanced their user booking experience.


Before transitioning to FranScape, Rhythm Time operated on an outdated, bespoke hybrid booking system inherited when purchasing the company. The old system proved unmanageable, lacked online payment functionality, and was far from user-friendly. Acquiring the business came with the awareness that the software's original creator was retiring, necessitating the exploration of a new, more advanced system. The imperative for a superior user experience prompted our search for an innovative solution. 

The introduction to Theo and his vision for FranScape resonated with our needs. Recognising the alignment between FranScape's capabilities and our requirements, we made the strategic decision to adopt FranScape. As one of FranScape's initial clients, both Rhythm Time and FranScape embarked on a learning journey together.


Our collaboration with FranScape coincided with the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The relatively lower volume of customer transactions during this period provided us with valuable time to acclimate to the system. Initially, there were specific features we required that FranScape did not offer. However, through close collaboration, FranScape demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness, catering to our unique business needs. 

Input from franchisees, actively involved in providing feedback, was instrumental in refining FranScape's functionality. Despite the inherent challenges of transitioning to a new system, FranScape's dedicated support and proactive approach ensured a smooth integration process.


The integration of FranScape into our operations has profoundly enhanced our booking experience. The system's streamlined interface, enhanced usability, and effective management have significantly improved our overall efficiency. Positioned ahead of our competitors still relying on outdated systems, FranScape has empowered us to revamp our website, elevating the entire user experience. Positive feedback from our franchisees underscores the success of FranScape in meeting our needs and exceeding expectations. 

As a passionate advocate for FranScape, I wholeheartedly recommend it to any business considering a transformative partnership.


Find out more about Rhythm Time here.

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