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Case Study: Baby College

We spoke to Bea Waterfield, Baby College's CEO, to find out how their partnership with FranScape has fuelled remarkable growth and operational efficiency throughout their business. Read more...


In early 2021 with the Baby College network growing steadily, our old booking system just couldn't keep up. We needed something that could handle our growth, with all the functionality that our franchisees needed to make their lives easy and free them to concentrate on teaching our award-winning parent and baby programme and help us centrally keep track of everything. So, in September 2021, we gave FranScape a try initially in one area. It was even better than we’d hoped!


The process of implementation (change is always daunting when you have a team to manage through it) was made significantly easier due to the calm support from the professional FranScape support team. FranScape helped me manage my team’s expectations with live workshops and help videos where necessary and actually, everything is there on their comprehensive Knowledge Base. Most new franchisees actually now train themselves! The benefits we have gained made the minimal hassle of changing over well worth it.


By 2022, we had FranScape up and running across the board. Our favourite feature? FranScape lets us offer a monthly booking plan to our customers, spreading the cost and removing many of the decision points where people might have either forgotten to book again or drifted away. Our customers love it too – it makes their lives easier, and it means on average they attend for longer since they don’t have to stick to rigid term times. Those areas that have adopted the monthly plans? Their revenues have increased too!

But FranScape does more than that. It makes our lives easier at Head Office, helps us spot issues early on and produces global reports quickly. FranScape is really well built and so fast to run. Plus, it gave us the info we needed at that point in time which has allowed us to switch to a percentage franchise model with levies taken at source (which is better for everyone). Now, we're set for more growth with a system we rely on - thanks FranScape.


Find out more about Baby College here.

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