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Case Study: Jam Coding

Discover how Jam Coding's search for an online booking system led them to FranScape, a partnership that seamlessly integrates, facilitates fee collection, and efficiently handles significant volumes of data and orders. Read more...


In search of an online booking system, our priority was to find one that seamlessly integrated, facilitated fee collection at the source, and efficiently handled a significant volume of data and orders. Partnering with a company equipped to support our scaling operations was imperative, leading us to FranScape. FranScape aligned with our requirements, offering the necessary tools to elevate our operations and enhance overall efficiency.


FranScape delivered a comprehensive onboarding training package, illuminating the system's functionality and guiding us through its implementation within our company. Recognising the pivotal role of onboarding in our business, FranScape ensured a smooth transition, alleviating any apprehensions associated with adopting new systems. In addition to the initial onboarding training, they extended their support by providing tailored training sessions for new franchisees, ensuring their proficiency with the system. FranScape consistently addresses our evolving needs, responding to requests for system customisations and delivering effective solutions.


The integration of FranScape has significantly facilitated the expansion of our out-of-school provision across the franchise network, seamlessly streamlining our operations. Real-time access to crucial metrics and data provided by FranScape empowers us to gain insights into our franchise network's performance. With visibility into franchisee success rates, customer engagement levels, and class utilisation, FranScape enables informed decision-making and enhances overall business performance.

FranScape has proven to be an indispensable tool for our business, and based on our positive experience, I've recommended them to other companies in our industry so they can achieve the same levels of success.


Find out more about Jam Coding here.

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